Every year on the 4th of May, the community of Vorden commemorates the 20 Allied victims of the Second World War at the village’s general cemetery. Eighteen British and Canadian victims crashed in a plane in the vicinity of Vorden. Two British paratroopers who took part in Operation Market Garden, near Arnhem in September 1944, were executed at country house ’t Selsham. The names and ranks of these war victims are known, but not ‘who’ they were, how they lived and why they decided to take part in the war against Germany. This project is attempting to find answers to all of these questions.  The group are also attempting to trace photo’s and other memorabilia of the 20 allied victims in order to acquaint the community of Vorden with the identity of the people behind the names of those twenty brave soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.

Standards and book

The search for pictures and answers is going well. The project group, consisting of Wout Dekkers, Freerk Boekelo and Robert Ellenkamp, have been able to trace relatives for a number of the servicemen over the past two years.  They have high hopes of doing the same for the remaining soldiers as well. Correspondence with the relatives provides a lot of information, beautiful personal stories and wonderful photos. The project group aims to place a standard with an engraved photo of the fallen soldier on each of the graves. In this way the names on the graves will be given an identity. The stand is made of stainless steel with a photo in A-4 format. The project group will donate these standards to the ‘Mei 4 Committee Vorden’, which organizes the annual commemoration. In consultation with the War Graves Foundation and the Municipality of Bronckhorst, photo stands may be placed at the graves every year in the month of May.

In addition to the standards, the project group would like to bundle all of the photos and personal stories into a high quality book. This will be published as a limited edition in both Dutch and English so that the families of the next of kin can become acquainted with the stories and lives of their family members fellow victims.

Crowd funding

Donations are needed to fund this project. Therefore the project group has initiated a crowd funding campaign. The goal is to raise 6,000 euros before November 1st, 2021, so that the victims have an identity during the commemoration in 2022. If you think this is a good initiative and want to contribute to this project, you can choose one of the options below.

Bronze: Book (€ 25)

By reserving a copy of the book you make it possible to make the life stories of the 20 victims accessible to a wider audience, you contribute to the actual publication of the book and you ensure a copy.

Silver: Adopt 1/2 photo standard + book (€ 125)

By adopting half of a photo standard you will make it possible to give the name an identity. Your name will be engraved on the stand and included in the book, if you wish. You will also receive the book.

Gold: Adopt photo standard + book (€ 250)

By adopting an entire photo standard, you will make it possible to give the name an identity. Your name will be engraved on the stand and included in the book, if you wish. You will also receive the book.

Sign-up for crowd funding

You can register for one of the packages by filling in the form for the relevant package and sending it to the project group. In this way, the project group gains an insight into the target amount of €6,000. If the target amount is reached by November 1, 2021, you will receive a message requesting you to convert your initial registration into a definitive donation.

Please make your choice by clicking one of the buttons below.